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Latest Melbourne Airport Jobs in Australia

Melbourne Airport is a major, and growing centre of economic activity in the north-west. 36 million passengers travelled through Melbourne Airport in 2017, with nearly 70 million expected by 2038. Currently the airport hosts 20,000+ jobs, with this forecast to nearly double by 2038.   This includes career opportunities directly related to aviation, as well as jobs within the wide range of organisations such as freight, retail, transport, construction and maintenance providers who support Australia’s busiest 24/7 airport.

Working FOR Melbourne Airport (APAM) 

 Australian Pacific Airports Melbourne (APAM) are the managers of the runways, the associated aviation facilities and the business precinct surrounding Melbourne Airport.  In addition to managing the compliance requirements of operating an airport, APAM also manages the onsite car parking and retail facilities, onsite construction and development, as well as attracting more flight services through Melbourne, and planning for Melbourne Airport’ future. 

For those keen to work in the dynamic, issues rich environment that this Melbourne Airport, please consider that there are nearly ten times the number of jobs based AT Melbourne Airport than there are working FOR Melbourne Airport (APAM).

Jobs at Melbourne Airport

Head to the Melbourne Airport Joblink for a handy list of all current jobs within the Melbourne Airport area. In addition to searching the Melbourne Airport Joblink, we also suggest that those keen to work at the airport to make direct contact with their favoured or larger organisations to uncover ‘expressions of interest’ and other unadvertised employment opportunities.

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